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Etwall Neighbourhood Watch meet on the first Wednesday of every month in the Resident's lounge of Pear Tree Court, Portland Street at 7:00pm.  Click here to download some background to the Etwall Neighbourhood Watch

Memberships: 1 due in March each year, collected by your Street Co-ordinator

There are 50 Street Co-ordinators covering a membership of over 90% of occupied houses within Etwall.

If you do not know who your co-ordinator is, or wish to join the Watch, please contact either Alan Jenner or Malcolm Yarnold using the email links given at the bottom of the page.

There is a UK Neighbourhood Watch site which you can visit (click here).  You can also visit the Derbyshire Constabulary website and see details of our Safer Neighbourhood team by clicking  here

The Safer South Derbyshire Partnership Spring Newsletter can be downloaded here

The April article for the Etwall Express can be viewed here

The Xmas 2014 newsletter can be downloaded here

Download the draft version of the Derbyshire Police and Crime Plan here

In a bid to reduce the number of people becoming a victim of scams, Derbyshire Constabulary have produced 'The little book of big scams'.  Click here for more details.

If you are thinking of having maintenance work done on your house roof, be very careful who you employ to do it. To find out why please read the attached (click here to download)

Click here to download an account of one of the latest and reputed to be one of the best, deterrents to burglary and property theft.  It also greatly improves the chance of getting your property back if  it is taken.  Please read the information and contact either Alan Jenner or Malcolm Yarnold via our Email address by clicking here if you wish to purchase a kit

Click on the links below to download a PDF copy of the minutes for previous meetings







7th January 2015

4th February 2015

4th March 2015
















8th January 2014

5th February 2014

5th March 2014 (AGM)

2nd April 2014

7th May 2014

4th June 2014

2nd July 2014

6th August 2014

3rd September 2014

1st October 2014

5th November 2014

3rd December 2014













9th January 2013

6th February 2013

6th March 2013 (AGM)

3rd April 2013

1st May 2013

5th June 2013

3rd July 2013

7th August 2013

4th September 2013

2nd October 2013

6th November 2013

4th December 2013













1st August 2012

5th September 2012

3rd October 2012

7th November 2012

5th December 2012










Tony Spiers

Vice Chair

Cliff Noons


Alan Jenner


Paul Rayment


Malcolm Yarnold

Useful contact no.s can be downloaded here.

Where possible we communicate by email, both within the village and with Watches in other villages in South Derbyshire.  To become part of our email link up, please contact us at

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